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Welcome to the Mamma's Chip Shop "How to Order" page. Here you will find useful information about how to place an order through our website. 

1) Adding items to your order

To start the ordering process you can click on the 'Order Now' button at the top of the website or by selecting the food menu.

You will notice, when you go to add an item to your order – you will be prompted for a postcode and contact telephone number. You must enter this in order to continue with your order. So before you go any further, please type your postcode into the box that says"postcode"and also your contact number in the box that says "Contact Phone No". You need to tick the small white box if you want to collect your order.

After this you can now add as many items to your order as you like. You will notice the contents of your basket updating as you add or delete items from it. This will show you the price of your current order. And as stated under the total amount – all transactions are in pounds sterling.

Also, for certain items on the menu such as our supper deals, you will be able to add items to this. As you can see from the screenshot a dropdown box will appear and will give you the option of selecting the type of supper you want to order.

2) Completing the Order

When you are happy with your order, you will now see the options you have for completing it :

You can either : (1) Create/ Log into your account  or  (2) Complete the order without creating an account. The main difference between these two options is that with the first one – Create account – you are able to use an loyalty points that you may have had from previous orders from Mamma's.

If you choose to complete the order without creating an account – you will be asked for your name, address, email, payment method  and

you will also be able to allocate a time slot that you wish your order to be delivered . There are two ways that you can pay for your order, either by cash on delivery or via Credit/Debit Card.

Please note that if you choose the cash on delivery option you will receive a phone call to confirm your order.

Also, there is the option to collect your delivery from the store. This means that do not have to worry if you are outisde the area of delivery as Mamma's currently delivers to Irvine, Dreghorn, Springside, Dundonald and Kilwinning. When you have completed these details you will be taken to a page where you will see a button called “Make  payment”. You will also see your order at the right hand side of the page.

Once you are happy that the details are correct click “Make payment” and you will be taken to a secure payment page that will allow you to enter your credit/debit card details.

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If you need some help you can give us a call on 01294 273504 and one of our staff will be happy to help you. Alternatively if you prefer you can complete the form below and your message will be emailed to our team.

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